Root Canal

Root Canal Dentistry in Peachtree City, GA

Root canal therapy is a method of treatment used to preserve a patient’s natural tooth. No one wants to lose a tooth. Once a tooth is lost, replacement options are often stressful and expensive. At Vassey Dental Partners in Peachtree City, GA, we have your root canal treatment needs covered in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

The natural cavity located at the center of a tooth is referred to as the “root canal.” Soft tissue (pulp) and the tooth’s nerve are inside the root canal. If this area of the tooth becomes damaged, debris or bacteria can enter, resulting in an infection, or in more severe cases, an abscess. An abscessed tooth is a very serious condition where the tooth is full of pus with the infection expanding beyond the root of the tooth. This condition must be treated promptly to prevent the infection from migrating to other parts of the body. If you have an abscessed tooth, we offer emergency root canal dentistry to solve the issue.

Our Root Canal Treatment Services

Root canal therapy may require more than one visit. Initially, an x-ray will be taken to check the tooth and roots for indications of any infection in the surrounding areas.

Root canal therapy is offered with the aid of sedation dentistry, which can calm and relax the patient. Following the application of any sedation, the dentist creates an access hole into the tooth. Then, any tissue that is infected plus the damaged nerve and other debris are removed from the tooth. The root canal is then cleaned and polished thoroughly. In order to prevent the entrance of food and saliva between dental appointments, the tooth will be sealed temporarily.

Next, a biocompatible rubber compound called gutta percha is used to fill up the root canal. A filling is placed on the tooth to cover the access hole created at the start of treatment, or a dental crown is placed on the tooth to provide added strength.

Root canal dentistry has a bad reputation for being a painful procedure. The procedure itself is often no more painful than having a dental filling. The pain and discomfort come from the actual infection itself. Patients will experience significant relief after undergoing root canal therapy. Root canals have a success rate of 95% and allow people to preserve their natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

For more information about our root canal therapy service, please call our office in Peachtree City, GA today at 770.766.4170. We work with specialists in the community to provide this service to you.

New Patient

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Dentist Offices Peachtree City GA

Please contact our team if you would like to set up your initial appointment. Our New Patient Coordinator will guide you through what to expect for your first visit to include a full set of X-rays, a gum assessment, and a comprehensive exam with one of our doctors. She will speak with you about your concerns and match you with the best provider to accommodate your needs and ensure you have the best dental experience.

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Dentist Peachtree City GA

Determine a plan that works for you - Whether it is preventative care or cosmetic, our team will help you lay out the best path for you. After the initial exam, our doctors will walk you through your x-rays and intra-oral photos of your teeth, so that you can understand the current state of your oral health. In conjunction with your primary concern, we will walk through a few different treatment options, so that we can restore you to the best oral health.

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Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience

Take Action. During your first treatment at Vassey Dental Partners, you will be prepared from start to finish. We take the time to answer any treatment questions, utilize a wealth of resources to make you comfortable in the chair, and prepare you for the estimated out of pocket costs prior to treatment. If you have dental anxiety, we will go over several options that will help you have the most comfortable dental experience as possible. Options include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation.

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Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience

Follow Up & Long Term Care. Our goal is to take care of any necessary treatment and then to have you on scheduled recall visits to have your teeth cleaned. At this visit, we will monitor your periodontal health, complete periodic exams and annual xrays, so that we can diagnose conservative treatment.

Reviews & Testimonials

Adrienne Robinson

Great dentist ! Our family has been coming to Vassey for 10 years.

Michelle Whittaker

I am very anxious when I go to a new dentist. My teeth are sensitive and I’ve had a few unpleasant experiences in the past. Oh my gosh this office was amazing. Every single person from check in to checkout was pleasant and professional. Kellie cleaned my teeth and was thorough but gentle, kept asking if I was okay. She did a great job. Dr Harrah and Michelle are very personable. They showed me the X-rays and pictures of my teeth and explained what they saw and what he recommended. I was at the dentist and they made me feel relaxed and comfortable!! Wow. What a well managed, professional office.

Barb McBride

The best office ever and I’ve been to many. You feel safe and valuable and they give the best care and procedures. The people are all kind and friendly. Try it you’ll love it.

Isabella Hunt

Truly exceptional service and knowledge. I should have made the move to Vassey years ago. Highly recommend!

Rick Sanderson

A very professionally run but close knit and almost family relationships for my wife and myself. Came here when our long time dentist retired and he moved his practice to this one. Russell is my dentist and a good friend. Highly recommend this practice

S Johnson

I've been going to this practice for 35 years. They are caring, helpful, and very capable.

Heidi Lutman

Really nice office and staff. Appointments are easy to schedule. Appointments are very efficient and pain free. Would highly recommend!


Great. Worth the little extra.

Jessica Vines

Such an amazing dentist office! I have been going to Vassey Dental for years now. I have NEVER had a bad experience. All the dentists and hygienists are top notch!

Ruth Connell

Everyone at Vassey Dental Partners are awesome!

Corey Hooper

Extremely pleasant experience!


Always a good experience at Vassey Dental Partners. I've been a patient here for over 25 years. The dentists are very competent and Kristie my hygienist is always thorough but gentle. Highly recommend especially for people who may be anxious about the dentist.

Angela Young

Very gentle, warm, and kind

stefani montondo

Everyone is always friendly

Viviana Goldenberg

Dr Konwick is the best. Always caring, always efficient and kind . Love her !

Jan Conte

I was treated with such kindness from everyone at Vassey. Their main goal was to keep me comfortable. Dr. Lane is a genuine gentleman.

Adelita Serna

amazing staff, I absolutely love Dr. Konwick! She has amazing bedside/patient manners. She is super gentle and makes you feel at ease. I was always hesitant to go to a dental appointment until I had Dr, Konwick work on two cavities I had. Vassey Dental has a great location, they are super gracious, and the office is always incredibly clean. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. If you are looking for a dentist I would highly recommend Dr. Konwick and Vassey Dental Partners.

Jason Brady

I never enjoyed going to the dentist, until I walked into Vassey Dental Partners. Every step of the way, you’re greeted with smiles, kindness and care. My new patient appointment was extremely thorough and not rushed. Morgan was awesome! And Dr. Fowlkes was took time to explain everything. My FIRST positive experience as a dental patient.

Steve Deloach
Karen's Story with Vassey Dental Partners