Dental Bridges

If you are missing teeth, you may be a candidate for a dental bridge. A dental bridge contains prosthetic teeth to “bridge” gaps in your smile. Dental bridges are permanently anchored to neighboring teeth either using a dental crown or a dental implant. Dental bridges, like dental crowns, are made of durable tooth like material for natural looking results.

The process for a dental bridge typically takes place over the course of 2 – 3 visits. Your first visit will include a comprehensive examination where the entire oral system is evaluated including the mouth, gums, teeth, jaw joints and muscles. Next, our dentists will outline your treatment plan and design your restoration. You may be fitted with a temporary dental bridge while your permanent restoration is being fabricated. On the final visit, the permanent restoration will be secured in place. Any special care techniques will be reviewed at this time.

You don’t have to suffer with the embarrassment of missing or broken teeth. Find out if a dental bridge is right for you. Call 770.676.1291 or request an appointment online today!

New Patient

Dentist Offices Peachtree City GA Step 1
Dentist Offices Peachtree City GA

Please contact our team if you would like to set up your initial appointment. Our New Patient Coordinator will guide you through what to expect for your first visit to include a full set of X-rays, a gum assessment, and a comprehensive exam with one of our doctors. She will speak with you about your concerns and match you with the best provider to accommodate your needs and ensure you have the best dental experience.

Dentist Peachtree City GA Step 2
Dentist Peachtree City GA

Determine a plan that works for you - Whether it is preventative care or cosmetic, our team will help you lay out the best path for you. After the initial exam, our doctors will walk you through your x-rays and intra-oral photos of your teeth, so that you can understand the current state of your oral health. In conjunction with your primary concern, we will walk through a few different treatment options, so that we can restore you to the best oral health.

Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience Step 3
Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience

Take Action. During your first treatment at Vassey Dental Partners, you will be prepared from start to finish. We take the time to answer any treatment questions, utilize a wealth of resources to make you comfortable in the chair, and prepare you for the estimated out of pocket costs prior to treatment. If you have dental anxiety, we will go over several options that will help you have the most comfortable dental experience as possible. Options include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation.

Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience Step 4
Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience

Follow Up & Long Term Care. Our goal is to take care of any necessary treatment and then to have you on scheduled recall visits to have your teeth cleaned. At this visit, we will monitor your periodontal health, complete periodic exams and annual xrays, so that we can diagnose conservative treatment.

Reviews & Testimonials

Joseph Scimeca

Top quality service and attention. Can't say enough good things about this place.

Perry McGuire

Great dentistry and even greater customer service. Extremely kind people who love their job and each person who walks through their door.


Literally the best dental experience I’ve ever had. EVERYONE was so warm & welcoming from check in to check out. Dr. Fowlkes along with his assistant Morgan made me feel so at home. Dr. Fowlkes was very thorough & made sure I understood everything that was going on. The after hours care is also just so amazing. lm looking forward to bringing my whole family back! I’m honestly grateful for this dentist office, I wish I had found them sooner.

Robin Hurst

Where can I start.. This was the best dental visit I've had since covid and what impressed me most was the fact that I wasn't uncomfortable with the fact that hadn't been to the dentist office and I felt at ease. Morgan was absolutely The best and Dr Fowkles wasn't so bad either.. just kidding it was my first visit at this office and I am very thankful that my Dr was very knowledgeable and will guide me to better teeth! Also it was my hubby first time there as well and he was very grateful for Chelsea and Dr. Lane! He said they made him very comfortable. Highly Recommend!

Jodie Harmon

I love this place!! I have been going to Vassey for about 7 years. All the staff are exceptional, and super easy to book appointments with little notice when I can only come certain days. Ashley my hygienist is always so positive and does a great job, highlighting the areas that I have done well cleaning and what I need to improve. I am so happy to come into the office semi-annually!

Kim Fourman

This was the first dentist that we’ve been to where we felt like the overall experience was a positive one. They are very professional and caring, we’re very happy to have found them!

Jeff Schott

Every facet of this practice is excellent. Front and back office, schedulers, dentists, assistants, and hygienists. Just the best.

Kirby Knapp

I’ve been going to this office for over 10 years and I love it! Dr. Hara is just the coolest guy and makes you feel super comfortable. He really knows what he’s doing too and everything I’ve gotten done there has been amazing. For sure recommend this place!

Leslie Lowe

Love the technology at this office. Dr Harrah and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable- I highly recommend them!

Heather S

My hygienist was amazing! I have so much anxiety at the dentist. She kept talking to me & kept my mind off of it. So much so, I asked all of my appointments be with her in the future. She didn’t hurt me at all and made me feel more relaxed than I have at the dentist in years!

Jacquelyn Johnson

Great staff

Shauna-Kay Pettigrew

This dental practice is amazing. From the front office staff to the decor- I was totally blown away. They are extremely personable able and will take the time to talk to you and explain everything that they are doing. The doctor gives his recommendations and they never try to push anything on you except for what is absolutely necessary. I love it here!

Jody Noland

Outstanding care by Dr. Lane and Chelsea. The wonders of modern technology that are used at Vassey to create a crown in one visit are truly amazing! And Dr. Lane is the best!

Sean Hanna

Vessel Dental is hands down the BEST dental practice in Atlanta. Courteous and professional staff with cutting edge technology. You couldn’t pay me to go anywhere else!!!!

Paige Holbrook

Everyone is friendly and the care is exceptional. I've had nothing but positive experiences at Vassey. The staff is outstanding - they go above and beyond to make your dental visit comfortable and enjoyable

Megan Davis

Took my daughter in for a cleaning and extractions. Had a wonderful experience from start to finish. Even my 11yo daughter told me later she liked it at Vassey.

Steve Deloach
Karen's Story with Vassey Dental Partners


What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges can be traditional or implant supported. Traditional dental bridges are made from a crown (a false tooth top) which is supported by a wire that connects to the two surrounding teeth. An implant-supported bridge uses an implanted post to attach the tooth or teeth in place.

How long does it take to get a dental bridge?

The time it takes to get a dental bridge depends on the type of bridge selected and if the tooth or a part of the tooth has to be extracted. Traditional bridges take a few weeks if no extraction is required, while implant-supported bridges will take months until the final bridge can be installed.

How many different types of dental bridges are there?

There are four different categories or types of dental bridges. These include traditional and implant-supported, which are the most common, as well as a cantilever and Maryland type. Cantilever types required only one abutment tooth. The Maryland bridge is bonded to the back part of the two abutment teeth.

When would I need an implant-supported bridge?

Implant-supported bridges help to prevent gum and bone loss while also providing a permanent option and better support for the bridge when more than one tooth is being replaced.

What can I expect during the dental implant bridge process?

This is a multi-step process that is customized for each patient. All patients will need to have a mold to create the porcelain crowns, the posts implanted in the jaw, and time for the bone to fuse with the implants. The patient will then have the temporary crowns removed and the permanent bridge installed.

What are the benefits of an implant-supported bridge?

The implant-supported bridge offers a permanent solution for a missing tooth, prevents damage to surrounding teeth, helps reduce bone loss, and provides a stable, solid surface for chewing.

Does an implant-supported bridge require special care?

No, once installed in the mouth, the implant-supported dental bridge is maintained the same way as other teeth. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is important to avoid staining, which is similar to any other dental work.