Meet Tricia

Our Dental Hygienist, Tricia R., is the classic story of a patient turned team member for Vassey Dental Partners. We enjoyed taking care of Tricia over the years and now it’s her opportunity to take care of our patients. Her upbeat attitude is evident in the work environment and she would love to tell you how
she got here and how the interview process was.


It is a funny story: I am a Vassey patient turned hygienist. Lisa, a former hygienist at Vassey, was my mentor while I was in college. She gave me the rundown on the hygienist title, the benefits, and how a day-to-day looks. Lisa convinced me an occupation in dentistry was the route I wanted to follow. I worked for a year and a half before accepting a job at Vassey Dental Partners.

The Interview Process

Picture this: I walk into an office with five doctors staring at me across an oval table. I later learned this office was called the “oval office.” It was intimidating, but when I began speaking with the doctors, they were the most down-to-earth people that wanted to get to know me. This was only the first step of the process. The next step was meeting the rest of the Vassey team. It was a day filled with meeting new people, learning about their experiences, and being asked less structured questions about myself and my values. After passing the intimidating interview process, I understand why we interview in such a strategic process. The culture and environment at Vassey are essential to maintain a quality reputation and good company relations. Working at Vassey is never seen as a burden or loss; it gives people the opportunity to grow and learn to be better team members and professionals.

We want to thank Tricia for speaking about her process in becoming an employee of Vassey Dental Partners. Her process has made it well worth it and seeing the impact she has made on her community and our practice has been why we enjoy our practice and community.

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