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Dentures in Peachtree City, GA

Losing one or more teeth can have an impact on you physically and emotionally. However, dentures and partial dentures are effective solutions for replacing missing teeth as well as restoring oral function and a beautiful smile. Advances in materials and technology make cosmetic dentures superior to traditional dentures or false teeth. Our dentists at Vassey Dental Partners in Peachtree City, GA design dentures with great care for a natural look and comfortable fit, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Dentures for a More Youthful Appearance

Many people may not realize that teeth are a major factor in how the lower part of the face appears. Patients with teeth missing often tend to look older than they actually are because they lack the adequate structure to support their cheeks and lips. This results in a droopy or saggy appearance. Also, the bone structure starts to deteriorate after a patient has lost a tooth. The appearance of patients can improve significantly by replacing teeth.

Our services for partial dentures near Peachtree City, GA are designed to fill gaps where there are missing teeth. Full dentures are designed to completely replace all of the lower or upper teeth. Unsecured dentures can be painful, inconvenient, and awkward. They can also affect your speech. Dental implants can help provide a better solution for tooth loss and can aid in denture stability.

A variety of modern dental implant based tooth replacement options are available. Any of these solutions can dramatically improve your quality of life, by enabling proper chewing and speaking, increasing comfort, and encouraging the consumption of a wider variety of foods. Ask our dentist for the right solution for you.

Get Dentures Near Me

For more information about the full and partial dentures we offer at Vassey Dental Partners in Peachtree City, GA, call us today at 770.766.4170.

New Patient

Dentist Offices Peachtree City GA Step 1
Dentist Offices Peachtree City GA

Please contact our team if you would like to set up your initial appointment. Our New Patient Coordinator will guide you through what to expect for your first visit to include a full set of X-rays, a gum assessment, and a comprehensive exam with one of our doctors. She will speak with you about your concerns and match you with the best provider to accommodate your needs and ensure you have the best dental experience.

Dentist Peachtree City GA Step 2
Dentist Peachtree City GA

Determine a plan that works for you - Whether it is preventative care or cosmetic, our team will help you lay out the best path for you. After the initial exam, our doctors will walk you through your x-rays and intra-oral photos of your teeth, so that you can understand the current state of your oral health. In conjunction with your primary concern, we will walk through a few different treatment options, so that we can restore you to the best oral health.

Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience Step 3
Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience

Take Action. During your first treatment at Vassey Dental Partners, you will be prepared from start to finish. We take the time to answer any treatment questions, utilize a wealth of resources to make you comfortable in the chair, and prepare you for the estimated out of pocket costs prior to treatment. If you have dental anxiety, we will go over several options that will help you have the most comfortable dental experience as possible. Options include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation.

Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience Step 4
Dentist Peachtree City GA - New Patient Experience

Follow Up & Long Term Care. Our goal is to take care of any necessary treatment and then to have you on scheduled recall visits to have your teeth cleaned. At this visit, we will monitor your periodontal health, complete periodic exams and annual xrays, so that we can diagnose conservative treatment.

Reviews & Testimonials

Colleen Petty

Amazing doctors. Amazing staff


Always an excellent experience!

Alexis Turner

Clean place. Absolutely very nice people. They were very kind to me and my son. Took time to explain my examination and answered questions. Looking forward to bringing my whole family here for dental care. Thank you.

Erin Sos

Clean, friendly and very accommodating

Shirley Daniel

Got me in for immediate care quickly! Super Nice!


If I could give Dr Konwick 10 stars, I would! Dr. Konwick gets my highest recommendation! She takes her time, is a true professional, and she has my utmost confidence. I drive from Birmingham, to receive her outstanding care. My hygienist, Ashley, performed a very thorough cleaning as well. I trust my dental needs only to Dr Konwick and her team.

Sydney Burrell

I have been coming here for years now, and I’ve never had a bad experience. Everyone is always so kind and helpful. They will do everything they can to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and get the best care. Genuinely enjoy going for appointments.

Laura Watts

Great experience.

Ryan Foles

Super professional group. They’ve got more technology than I’ve seen at any other dental office. Staff was very hospitable.

Linda Brazeau

I am a new patient of Vassey Dental Partners. I found the staff to be friendly, welcoming and very helpful with the insurance process. Dr. Morgan gave a thorough exam and went over my treatment plan. He took the time to listen to and answer my concerns. He exuded a caring and unhurried demeanor. My hygienist was Kayla. She also was thorough and very sensitive to my comfort level. Best cleaning ever!!! Dr. Morgan and Kayla made me feel at ease and comfortable during my visits. I am very grateful for that!

Paul Koble

I would recommend vassey to anyone looking for a Dentist in the surrounding area

Carol Morris

Everyone is so kind and caring

jeneen Engle

Vassey dental is always a pleasant experience. The doctors and staff are professional and friendly! The team does an amazing job to make you feel comfortable and provide a quality experience every time!

Nika Angel

My appointment was August 4th, 2022. Before I went in, I said a prayer as I had not been to the dentist in many, many years because after a very bad experience, I have a fear of the dentist. When I walked in, I was greeted by the receptionist and then escorted to the back by Ms. Michelle. On the way to the back, Ms. Michelle and I talked, and she made me feel really comfortable. Before she did any treatments, I told her that the online reviews I had read, were absolutely true because I felt really comfortable and at ease. She took an x-ray and then Dr. Harrah came in. He discussed everything that was going on with my mouth. All the questions I had, which were a lot he answered, and then made sure I didn’t have any others. He was through and patient. He didn’t make me feel rushed or like a burden for asking questions. It was a great experience. If you haven’t been to the dentist in the while or have a fear of the dentist, PLEASE go to Vassey Dental Partners, as you will not be disappointed. Also, best of luck to Sophie. Sandra

Gordon McKenzie

Newly moved to PTC. Had a very positive first meet and greet with Dr Russel Harrah and his assistant Michelle. Thorough and complete review of my medical history and current oral condition giving concise explanations of noted concerns and potential treatment options. Listened to my thoughts and plotted a path forward to meet all needs. Very professional and friendly. Kudos to the Vassey team. Looking forward to their care.


My wife and I recently had our first visits to this wonderful practice. As a retired dentist of 37 years, I can say that this practice is state of the art with techniques, sterilization, and methods. I would add that in all of my years, I have never seen a practice with as many long-term employees who are genuinely happy to see patients. Their courtesy and professionalism are second to none. Having such a staff is a hallmark of a patient centered practice that treats its employees well. Peachtree City is fortunate to have such a wonderful place for dental care.

Kayla Sharp

I’m a new patient at Vassey & I will be here long term. They are great with communication , patient, explains all costs / procedures in detail so there is no confusion , the office is immaculate & overall everyone is incredibly kind! Love this place !

Nicole Tootle

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Dr. Keyser and her assistant are fabulous.

Michele Parker

Been going for over 30 years. They are awesome!!

Kristy Stokes

Love love love the staff! A couple wks ago I had a cleaning with Brandis ((who is AWESOME to say the least)). At this visit, we decided it was time to schedule an appointment to get a filling on a tooth they had been watching… So today was the day -I had a filling and it went great! Dr. Christie and Michelle were amazing per usual! :-) …whenever someone moves to the PTC/Fayetteville area and they’re in need of a dentist, I always point them in this practice’s direction. After all, they’ve taken such good care of my teeth since elementary school! The best part is this team of people do life with their patients! Sunny, who is my A1 hygienist ALWAYS makes me belly laugh/smile…the same was true when Dr. Robinson was in practice ((MISS AND LOVE HER FAAACCCEEE lol)). Simply put, these are people that care about you and your comfort level first…and then your teeth because they are humbled and honored to serve the community.

Fred Hunt

This is dentistry as it should be practiced. Best experience I have ever had.

Jason O'Neal

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Definitely recommend this practice.

Kitty Reeves

Excellent care as always.

James Stewart

Vassey dental is by far the best dental practice I have ever used. Dr. Konwick is the most caring and amazing person and that doesn’t even begin to mention her amazing skills as a dentist. Her work is impeccable. I was a very tough case, with years of damage to repair, and I can’t believe how great it looks. I don’t know if they do awards for dentist, but if they do, I officially nominate her and her team!! 5 stars isn’t enough!!!

Marla Bassette

Best dentist office ever! The staff are so friendly and professional. I'm so glad that I lucked up on finding this dentist office.

Lauren Crigler

I had a great experience at Vassey dental. I really felt cared for and listened to by Dr. Lane and all the staff. All my concerns were addressed. They are truly a cut above.

Jen Myers

I personally work in the dental field at another office but never have time during work for my dental needs since we are caring for our patients. With that said, a few years ago I became a patient with Vassey Dental. Every experience I’ve had there has been positive. It’s clean, modern and over all just a good vibe. Dr Lane is caring and practices conservative dentistry; which is greatly appreciated! I went today for a scheduled appt for 3 fillings… turns out they ended up just needing sealants (that is not only more cost effective but also less natural tooth removed!WIN!WIN!) He’s a top notch dentist and his assistant Chelsea is AWESOME! I love their work chemistry and their banter is HILARIOUS! Keep up the great work!!!!

Steve Deloach
Karen's Story with Vassey Dental Partners


What are dentures?

Dentures are custom-made artificial teeth and gums that replace the entire upper or lower arch of teeth. Dentures that only replace some teeth are known as partials. Most dentures are made of a combination of nylon or acrylic over metal.

How long does it take to get dentures?

The time it takes to get dentures depends on several factors. Most patients without the need to extract any remaining teeth will have their final dentures in a few weeks, but it can take months if other dental work is required. The process takes several visits, including final shaping.

How long do dentures last?

Most dentures last approximately 10 years. This is largely due to the change in the shape of the gums over time. This change in shape causes problems with fitting the dentures, so a new denture is the best option to prevent gum problems.

Can you sleep with dentures?

No, dentures should be removed and cleaned thoroughly, and left out while sleeping. Prolonged wearing of dentures can result in bone loss, a higher risk of gum disease, and an increased chance of developing oral thrush.

Can you eat with dentures?

A well-designed and fitted denture allows people to eat most foods. Very hard foods, such as nuts, corn on the cob, or carrots, and very sticky foods, such as toffee, peanut butter, and soft candies can be problematic.

Does Medicaid cover dentures?

Medicaid is a state-run program. Georgia Medicaid does not cover the cost of dentures, only emergency dental care services. Talk to our staff about options to pay for dentures.