The Dream Team: Russel & Michele

We love to see connections between dentists and dental assistants at Vassey Dental Partners. Read all about Dr. Russel and Michele’s story and how they click so well together.

The Perfect Match Between A Dentist and Assistant

Dr. Russel is a dentist at Vassey Dental Partners, and Michele is his assistant. There was an instant click when the two met because they had similar personalities. There is no need for the doctor or assistant to
outshine one another in character, creating balance. Michele has a positive energy that people tend to gravitate toward because it brings them comfort. When picking an assistant, Dr. Russel said, “she was kind of the easy, obvious choice, and we had no idea it was gonna go as well as it has.” Michele says the same about Dr. Russel. He is a fun and upbeat guy that people enjoy spending time with.

How The Pair Gets Along So Well

While having a fun team dynamic, they can also dial back their personality when working with an anxious patient. It is obvious that they care for their patients and want them to be comfortable, whether that be through a pat on the shoulder, holding their hands during the procedure, or making jokes as
a distraction. After their work is finished, patients typically thank them for working their anxiety there and helping them get through a necessary practice. Dr. Russel and Michele’s combined efforts helped the patient relax and feel safe in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Russel says, “the best part of the job is that it is much less about the dentistry than the person. Getting them through the things they need to do.”

We love to see real connections at Vassey Dental Partners, whether it’s with patients or employees, that’s what makes our practice so special. Contact Vassey Dental Partners today to learn more about our high-quality dental services and how we meet all of our patients’ needs.