The Power of Genuine Kindness

At Vassey Dental Partners, our customers are the heart of what we do. We see each patient as more than a person with a dental problem, but rather a unique individual to know, help, and love. We believe that our focus on genuine kindness is what truly sets us apart as a practice. If you are a new patient considering Vassey Dental Partners, we hope that you will come, meet the team, and start building a long-term relationship with us.

The Difference Kindness Makes

  • Each Patient Can Feel Loved—We are not interested in rushing patients in and rushing them right back out. Our team wants to make you feel welcomed from the moment you step into the door. Since every patient likely has more going on than a tooth filling, we listen carefully to be a compassionate and caring shoulder. Our team is excited to celebrate happy moments with our patients, but we also are prepared to offer words of comfort.
  • Anxiety Can Be Alleviated—Over 70% of American adults have confirmed that they have some form of dental anxiety. Whether these fears stem from a bad dental experience, anticipated discomfort, or anything in between, we want to help you overcome your anxieties to the greatest extent possible. Our team members will talk with you about your previous dental experiences and try to pinpoint the problem areas to address. At Vassey Dental Partners, patients have access to a variety of medicinal forms of relaxation as needed, such as nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, even IV sedation. Also, each step of the dental procedure or cleaning will be explained beforehand to eliminate the fear or the unknown. When patients are supported through comfort, relaxation aids, and narration, we find that most patients can have a positive dental experience.
  • Establish Long-Term Relationships Built on Trust—From day one, we are seeking to build a foundation with each patient. A patient will never feel truly relaxed if they are questioning the capability or caring heart of their dentist. Our dental office is a place where you feel like family. We want to earn your confidence so that you will entrust us with your teeth and your family’s teeth. Dental care is a life-long journey, and we would be grateful to walk alongside your family each step of the way.

Our Kindness Starts Within

Our team at Vassey Dental Partners genuinely cares for our patients. Our culture is built on just that – love for one another. We all love and care deeply for each other. Each morning, we have a team huddle. Most people would anticipate this time to be centered on the work day ahead, but this time is a personal time for our staff to share with each other. We share many joyful moments, but we also give each other extra support on a particularly tough day. Our love for each other gives us the support and encouragement to be our best for our patients. Each day at Vassey starts with the mission of making patients as comfortable and genuinely cared for as possible. We are committed to caring for your smile, but that is only the beginning. Dental care is more than just fixing a cavity; we are helping our patients find a smile during hard times. Call our office to set an appointment and see how special your experience can be.